Thursday, September 23, 2010


Now, you might be saying, "Mose Giganticus?  What the hell is that?", but allow me to convert this band's sound into an image:

Atop a dark-clouded mountain top, Thor is pounding on an enormous synth while shooting vibrating lightning bolts out of his eyes as every word he shouts is accompanied by the shattering of tall obsidian columns that were holding up burning piles of skulls that were Thor's back-up singers.

If you can wrap your mind around this, then you can definitely dig Mose Giganticus's third full-length album Gift Horse, their debut record on Relapse Records.  I had the chance to see these guys on August 27th at the Garfield Artworks, and they delivered with deadly precision.  Their blend of synths and sludgy metal riffs combined with ethereal melodies and pounding drums coalesce and mutate to extend audio-tentacles that make resisting uncontrolled head-banging futile.  Personally I was never particular to synths being used in metal, but this was just too good to pass up. My eyes have been open, and now I must pass on the gospel.

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Most supreme traxxx for the horse-rider: 
Last Resort
The Left Path
Days of Yore
White Horse
The Seventh Seal


P.S. Check out their video for The Left Path below... it's eerily realistic of the current plight of live-shows, i.e. lame hipsters.

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