Wednesday, August 18, 2010


These brutal powerviolence/grind masters hailing from DC have been carving their way through the extreme music scene since 2002 with a ferocity that certainly matches their prowess in the genre. Through extensive touring, and non-stop recording on splits, LPs, and full length records, they've made themselves known for bringing the kind of audio punishment grind-freaks like Pedro Satan and myself have been salivating for.

This 2009 self titled release is one which you should not overlook. With 17 tracks to relentlessly assault you sonically, you'll be immersed in powerviolence style shredding, grinding blastbeats, and circle-stomping thrash-pounding, with guitars that swarm around you like wasps dusted with PCP. The vocals vary from manic shrieks, grindcore growls, and hardcore shouts that all seem to invoke the most hate for all that is social and hypocritical. Several of the tracks have intro and outro samples that compliment the frenzied nihilism and sense of utter dissonance from a comforting reality, but at times they can be pretty hilarious. By far the most disturbing track is the last which seems to sample the last recorded statement of Reverend Jim Jones, advising his followers to drink the juice, while you hear children crying in the background... truly horrifying. But do not let this keep you from listening because there really are gems in this release, in particular "Fools of Contradiction," "Bridge Burner," "The Price of Living by Delinquent Ideals," and "Lyrical Ammunition for Scene Warfare." I definitely intend on buying this cd from Magrudergrind's webstore as soon as I can scrounge up $10... and you should do the same if you dig this shit... it also comes with a free poster! Check out their Myspace and listen to their other traxxx, too.


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